Common Ground: Joris Kuipers + Mademoiselle Maurice

Coffee is my favorite part of Monday mornings. Actually that’s not relevant here at all; we’ll get back that another day.

joris kuipers // union jack creative

A favorite stop for mornings in general, though, is the corner of the internet inhabited by Colossal. I’ve written about it before, and I certainly will again; Christopher Jobson’s curation of contemporary art never disappoints. Back in June, two Colossal posts on two different days caught my eye and struck a common chord in my mind: the painted, sculptural works of Joris Kuipers, and the bright, enormous origami installations of Mademoiselle Maurice.

mademoiselle maurice // union jack creative

For more from Kuipers stop by his portfolio, and catch more rainbow works at Mlle Maurice’s site. Be sure to check out posts on both artists over at Colossal, too.

For “Common Ground” pairings past, take a dip in the archives.

image credits: 1-Joris Kuipers, via Colossal; 2-Mademoiselle Maurice

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