Common Ground: Aram Bartholl + Dóra Maurer

Neither Aram Bartholl’s 0,16 nor Dóra Maurer’s Printing till exhaustion are new works, but I happened upon the former last week just after scrolling past the latter, unattributed, on tumblr.

aram bartholl // union jack creative

Bartholl uses layers of paper and a light source to create a screen that pixelates shadows of the individual standing behind it. It’s an elegantly simple technique for an interaction that is undoubtedly a nod to the digital. Maurer’s print evokes a similar effect in its repetition to depletion.

dora maurer // union jack creative

For more from Aram Bartholl’s portfolio, stop by his corner of the internet; learn more about Dóra Maurer here and here.

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image credits: 1-Aram Bartholl; 2-Dóra Maurer, via Király Judit

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