Common Ground: Yuni Kim Lang + C. Bliss and Co.

I stashed C. Bliss and Co.’s Boxtwirl necklace away on a Pinterest wishlist months ago – something about the combination of textiles and geometry, and maybe that hint of Girl Scout, really appeals to me, and I’m a sucker for a statement necklace.

c. bliss boxtwirl // union jack creative

Yuni Kim Lang’s oversized Black Knots series is comprised of similarly intriguing strands of knotted, twisted industrial rope.

yuni kim lang // union jack creative

Visit C. Bliss and Co. for necklaces far beyond the basic black I’m partial to, and stop by Yuni Kim Lang’s corner of the internet for more wearable sculpture.

For more “Common Ground” pairings, head to the archives.

image credits: 1-C. Bliss and Co.; 2-Yuni Kim Lang, via Design Milk

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