Common Ground

I was puzzled by the list of materials cited for David Huycke’s Imitanulation #2: polyurethane, paint, steel, glass.

david huycke // union jack creative

On first look, the piece brought immediately to mind Tara Donovan’s Untitled (Pins), a cube of straight pins held together by nothing but their own weight and friction, that is part of the ICA’s permanent collection. Imitanulation certainly looked to be pins as well – until further digging revealed that Huycke, a silversmith, actually used a granulation technique to imitate pins. Fascinating.

tara donovan // union jack creative

Donovan’s work, generally comprised of small, everyday objects in large quantities and unexpected arrangements, is always worth a look when you have the opportunity; the piece pictured above can be seen in person in Boston at the ICA. For more from Donovan, visit the ACE Gallery; to learn more about Huycke, read his artist statement, and see other works at Artsy and MOCO LOCO.

image credits: 1-ARNOLDSCHE; 2-James Wagner

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