Common Ground: Jo Hayes-Ward + David Graas

Since we don’t yet know exactly where we’re moving – just that, one way or another, we’re moving somewhere – we haven’t been able to do much in terms of concrete planning for our new space. That hasn’t stopped me from perusing home decor boards on Pinterest just in case.

david graas // union jack creative

When I came across David Graas’ Huddle in one such search, it reminded me very much of Jo Hayes-Ward’s Random Oval ring, which I would happily include in my jewelry box.

jo hayes-ward // union jack creative

David Graas has additional work – and a shop – on his site. Be sure to stop by Jo Hayes-Ward’s portfolio for more, as well.

For more “Common Ground” pairings, hop over to the archives.

image credits: 1-David Graas; 2-Jo Hayes-Ward, via Dover Street Market

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