Friday Fancies

Earlier today Kelly reminded me that it is, in fact, a three-day weekend; I’m looking forward to some extra down time for catching up.

To wrap up your week, get Oh Land’s Pyromaniac stuck in your head, see out some James Bond tech come true, find out which muppet you are, peruse photos from Boston’s molasses flood (95 years ago this week), be mesmerized by things fitting perfectly into other things (particularly the platinum collection), and start planning your next cross-country road trip with this absolutely incredible, super-detailed¬†map of US breweries, microbreweries and brewpubs.

the bountiful breweries of the usa // union jack creative

(I mean, just look at this thing. I’m serious, you have to click through and look. It’s compendious. It’s amazing.)

Happy Friday!

video credit: Oh Land

image credit: Pop Chart Lab

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