Friday Fancies

We almost had a peek of real, honest-to-goodness Spring this week! Alas, this morning was as cold as ever. I actually couldn’t bear the thought of pulling my winter bike coat back out of the closet, and I took the T instead. (I’ll regret this choice around 6pm.) As long as I’ve been in Boston, St. Patrick’s Day has marked the beginning of the end of winter for me: no matter how rainy or dismal the weather might be (or lovely! it happens), something about knowing we’re thisclose is enough to buoy spirits city-wide.

dave gorum // union jack creative

Before you head off to celebrate St. Pat, give a little scroll through Dave Gorum’s cinemagraphs of ice floes on Lake Michigan, heralding approaching milder temps. Take a few minutes to watch this ode to the newly-defunct Fung Wah bus, then this music video exploring the “homicidal fast food reality” in a barely fictional neighborhood, and embrace the lingering cold with a look at Cindy Loughridge’s beautifully cozy 365 Days of Coffee photos.

Have a lovely weekend!

image credit: Dave Gorum, via Colossal

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