Paint and Ink

I love a good video, and there seem to be quite a few popping up in my google reader feed this week (like this one – how? why?), but I’m especially a sucker for lettering in moving pictures.

paint and ink // union jack creative

I follow type designer and calligrapher Seb(astian) Lester on Instagram for his beautifully lettered snark, but the Sketchbook section of his site features some mesmerizing videos of Lester in action. This one inspired me to step away from my usual Copperplate style and work on some Blackletter.

The Lost Type Co-Op is an incredible resource for pay-as-you-wish fonts, and now also for beautiful videos promoting those fonts. Artist Colt Bowden was called in to paint new typeface “Dude,” and watching him bring the font to life is fascinating.

What amazing videos are you watching right now – and what will you use to replace Google Reader?!

video credits: 1-Seb Lester; 2-The Lost Type Co-Op

3 thoughts on “Paint and Ink

  1. Mutti says:

    Do you know what kind of pen Seb Lester is using in his video? The nib seems so flexible, and clearly it’s a cartridge or plunger load since he’s not dipping. I’d be curious how it feels to use. I’m only familiar with the Osmiroid or Rapidograph.

  2. Kate says:

    I’m not sure – it does look lovely to use, doesn’t it? If I can track down the answer I’ll let you know!

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