Friday Fancies

It’s Friday! (I think.)

yusuke oono // union jack creative

yusuke oono // union jack creative

A few quick things to keep you cozy this weekend: get lost in Yusuke Oono’s absolutely breathtaking 360° papercut books, watch producers go from zero to beat in 10 minutes, marvel at the wonder that awaits with 3D printed candy, read the inaugural post of a promising series about being an artist on the internet, and crack a smile at Javier Perez’s instagram photos of everyday objects, augmented with illustration.

And also, we’re honored to be included in this week’s {hub}LINKS roundup!

hublinks // union jack creative

These local bloggers were chosen to represent the best of the best winter themed blog posts in Boston via Blog Better Boston’s new {hub}LINKS.

Show these blogs some love:

  • Styled By Jess shows us a recipe to make the most delicious, gooey S’Mores hot chocolate!
  • Country Design Home shares a DIY tutorial on painting snowflakes on vintage blocks.
  • Nick Burka on the Music shares his Top 5 songs to beat the winter blues and send you off to a warmer, sunnier place.
  • Start planning your next vacation to get rid of those winter blues! Start here with Take Time Away‘s top travel apps.
  • Union Jack Creative looks at a craft cocktail book, and a hand-lettered cocktail recipe.
  • Trends and Tolstoy shares a few tips to keep you stylish during the frigid New England winter.

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image credits: 1,2-Yusuke Oono; 3-Blog Better Boston

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