Friday Fancies

We’re packing our bags, making a pit stop at work, and heading off to Maine for the weekend. Fingers crossed for sunshine and summer swimming weather! (Follow us on instagram for up-to-the-minute shenanigans.)

jessica hische: talking type // union jack creative

Before we hit the road, a few recommendations: catch Bri Emery’s thoughts on the new video features in instagram (we’re still checking it out, but I agree so far), review Smashing’s five ways to prevent bad microcopy, ogle a gorgeous, hand-carved woodcut of the moon, check out some local law-making in action with regard to liquor licenses and bike safety, and pour over Jessica Hische’s thorough and thoroughly engrossing piece about Upping Your Type Game.

Happy Summer!

image credit: Jessica Hische

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2 thoughts on “Friday Fancies

  1. Mutti says:

    Oh, I like the bike safety law proposals! The case of two certain young “ladies” comes to mind, and as a beginner biker in the city last week, I like the idea of slapping motorists with fines for idling in bike lanes. It was only lucky timing that kept us from having to navigate around that SUV along Mass Ave. on Sunday. Good deal!

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