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Welcome, May! (How did that happen?) Just in time for National Bike Month, I happened upon new-to-me blog Bicycle Graphic Design, and from there, a series of sleek bike safety posters from Thomas Yang of 100copies.

safety by design // union jack creative

I’m particularly fond of these posters for their minimal design, clever use of space, and approach of the bike v. car debate from a point of mutual respect. Created for an outdoor campaign in Singapore, the posters aim to raise awareness of road safety, and target both cyclists and motorists.

safety by design // union jack creative

There are plenty of flyers out there advocating sharing the road and providing safety tips, but I’ve not found many that are actually designed – that is, unlike this series, most are lacking the aesthetic qualities and simplicity of messaging that might actually encourage apathetic travelers to give them a second glance.

safety by design // union jack creative

If you’re in a cycle-celebratory mood, 100copies has many more bike-related designs available in print and on shirts, and Bicycle Graphic Design has an impressive collection of bike goodies to peruse as well. Enjoy!

image credits: Thomas Yang, via 100copies

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