Friday Fancies

Jack and I have been holed up in the apartment all day, following the news and using the surprise day at home to make caipirinhas and clean out ahead of a clothing swap tomorrow. Soon we’ll pack our bags with half a case of Yuengling, a fresh loaf of bread and some garlic, and bike (carefully!) to JP for a shrimp boil. Because, what else is there to do?

friday fancies // union jack creative

As the FBI does its thing, we’ve amassed a lot of favorite articles and clips about Boston this week. The New Yorker’s examination of why Boston’s hospitals were ready is fascinating, as is the Atlantic’s look at Boston’s top notch emergency drills and preparedness. The Washington Post has a recap of a chaotic and unnerving week in American history, the Onion has an on-point and (barely) satirical summary, and both and Buzzfeed have pieces that highlight (again) just what makes Boston so special. If you missed Stephen Colbert’s intro on Tuesday, check that out as well.

Many businesses have come out with fashion statements to support victims of Monday’s attacks, including Boston-based RueLaLa, Boston Marathon sponsor Adidas and local Fashion Project. Boston Mayor Menino and Massachusetts Governor Patrick are still encouraging donations to The One Fund to help those affected, and a team of comfort dogs is stationed in the city through Sunday should you need a few calming moments.

And, runners: the marathon does still matter.

Be safe, friends, and be well.

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