Hills and Heartbreak

This weekend was a whirlwind of ups and downs.

hills and heartbreak // union jack creative

On Friday, we celebrated Jack’s birthday at Fajitas and ‘Ritas, and The Last Hurrah; Saturday, chalked with Hollaback! Boston and made a scene with a Guerrilla Prom birthday bar crawl. Monday started out with all of the best festivities Patriots’ Day has to offer as we prepared to cheer from Mile 22 on the course, and then watched as heartbreaking scenes unfolded far from the the hills of Newton.

This morning, Boston is quiet. She’s not quite herself. In our lives, luckily, everyone is accounted for. Some really great friends didn’t get to finish the race; another crossed not long before the first explosion. To everyone who thought of us and checked in yesterday – thank you. It means so much!

If you’re looking to move beyond the photos of toppled flags and blood-stained sidewalks, wander over to a poignant look at the ever-present silver lining, peruse stories of kindness in the aftermath and a call to refuse to be terrorized, consider a walk from BC on Friday to honor victims and those who were diverted off the course, and check out 29 reasons to love Boston.

Most of all, friends – be well.

image credits: Union Jack Creative

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