Of Mondays and Marathons

Happy Marathon Monday! Patriots’ Day is a holiday for many of us in Boston, and since I’m not running this year, I’ll be spending the afternoon cheering on runners as they make their way through Cleveland Circle. Maybe I’ll modify a Boston via Hopkinton poster to hold up so everyone can find me.

of mondays and marathons // union jack creative

Speaking of those posters: our giveaway has closed (congratulations Kate, Alex and Ty!), but we’re still offering 26% off to anyone who tags their Marathon Monday posts with #bosviahop, and ALSO offering free shipping for charity runners! Just email us (shop@unionjackcreative.com) with your fundraising page before you order. Find us on twitter, instagram and facebook, and let us know what you’re up to today!

And, runners? Have a FANTASTIC time out there!

image credits: Union Jack Creative

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