Love From Boston

Jack and I headed to the South End Athletic Company last night for a group run and meditation: three laps around the Boston Common, for the three confirmed fatalities in Monday’s attack. It was a beautiful group, and it felt good to run.

love from boston // union jack creative

We were also honored to be featured in a “Love from Boston” treasury on Etsy yesterday, curated by Lisa Burkin. Thank you so much, Lisa!

If you’re wondering how you can help or what resources are available, look toward Google and the Red Cross to check in to person finding systems, consider a donation – monetary or, later, blood – to the American Red Cross, and send any photos you might have of the finish area to authorities ( Then, perhaps, click through to this opinion piece in the NYT¬†regarding “messing with the wrong city.”

UPDATE: As of this afternoon, you can also upload your photos of the finish area to Evidence Upload, and they’ll be sure the FBI gets ’em.

image credit: Etsy

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