Fly Me to the Moon

I had the pleasure of spending the evening last night at Scampo for this month’s Boston Bloggers meetup, catching up with friends, meeting some in the flesh for the first time and making a few completely new acquaintances. Alison and Kate did a lovely job planning, as always!


As I was chatting with Elizabeth and stealing a wistful glance at her gorgeous necklace (always), the gold-leaf and grey discs that she was wearing last night reminded me of an artist I meant to share last week: Miso.


Using pin pricks on white stock (much more delicately than our mum project), Miso created a moonscape with a touch of New York cartography. I think the result is positively stunning.


Go ahead, lean in close – the contrast is hard, but it’s beautiful. For more about the piece and its background, read Miso’s account in her portfolio.

Miso is also a street artist. I had seen some of her work in her portfolio when I was initially dazzled by New York Moon, but yesterday I happened across some new-to-me projects via Pony Gold – click through to the full post for more of Miso’s broad spectrum of work.


And lastly, a Jack-and-Kate favorite to set your Tuesday mood:

image credits: 1-Seagrass Studio; 2,3-Miso; 4-Miso, via Pony Gold

video credit: Frank Sinatra

3 thoughts on “Fly Me to the Moon

  1. elizabeth says:

    hey – I didn’t know you wrote about my necklace. thank you, so very much! And that my work would in some way shape or form jog your memory of Miso and her talent not lost on me – thank you.

    It’s always so much fun to see you and catch up!

  2. Kate says:

    Elizabeth, you’re welcome! I should have let you know – it’s been such a whirlwind week, I forgot to tag you when I shared it. Let’s get together again soon!

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