Daily Dishonesty

Not since Jessica Hische’s Daily Drop Cap project began in 2009 have we been so captivated with a recurring project – but Lauren Hom’s Daily Dishonesty series is taking the internet by storm, and the combination of hand lettering, digital editing and a dash of humor and wit is right up our alley.

i'm over it

Lauren explores the comical little white lies we tell ourselves, and sometimes others – of course I’ll get up for 6am yoga! – and portrays each in colorful hand lettering, in a process similar to our own work in monogram design. (Lauren’s process is detailed in a post on the Daily Dishonesty blog.)

six am yoga

Here are some of my favorites. Be sure to visit Daily Dishonesty to follow Lauren’s work and see more illustrated fibs!

i just got your text

these heels don't hurt

5 cups of coffee

not that hungry


image credits: Daily Dishonesty: 1,2,4,6,7-Lauren Hom; 3-Emma Hopkins; 5-Karli Ingersoll

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