Cooking With Toys

It’s by no means new, but I’ve only just discovered the sequel to Western Spaghetti by PES, and after watching both this morning it seemed a fitting bit of fun for a Friday.

In 2009, Western Spaghetti – a stop-motion short featuring iconic toys as components in a marinara – made solo artist PES a winner at Sundance. The new-to-me sequel, Fresh Guacamole, has a similar focus. (I especially enjoyed the inclusion of the universal struggle of the broken chip in the dip – watch for it at the end.)

All of this got me thinking of a music video I saw last year, that took a darker turn with toys in the kitchen. Some creative googling (“destruction of toys in kitchen music video stop motion,” if you’re wondering) led me to Delta Heavy’s video for dup-step single “Get By.” Check this one out as well!

For more work from PES, all of it clever, visit the PES YouTube channel. Do you have any favorite stop motion videos?

video credits: 1,2-PES; 3-Delta Heavy

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