Common Ground

It’s funny how things come together sometimes, like finding a jigsaw piece under the table that suddenly brings the rest of the puzzle into focus. (Everyone else also did endless puzzles with their grandmothers and great aunts as a child, right?)

I’ve been working on a stripey bachelorette invite – a fun, low-stress project, as it’s pro bono for one of my oldest friends – and it feels like stripes have been popping up everywhere.


This morning, Marisa sent me Kelly Wearstler’s post about Sol LeWitt, just before I came across Elizabeth’s pin of this bold striped umbrella at Two Penny Blue.


I tend to be partial to a more delicate line, but something about the broad, high-contrast stripes typical in LeWitt’s work is particularly striking to me right now. What do you think?

image credits: 1-Contemporary Art Daily, via Kelly Wearstler; 2-Two Penny Blue

One thought on “Common Ground

  1. Beki says:

    I noticed a photo on’s coverage of the snow storm taken in NYC. All four of the individuals crossing the street in the snow were carrying the same striped umbrella, not one just like the one you shared, but a lighter version. Interesting.

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