The Charles to My Ray


It turns out, we’ve got a thing for puns. Shocking news, I know.

Our latest punny piece is an ode to the iconic furniture forms by the infamous design power-couple Charles and Ray Eames. We realize this one’s a bit more esoteric, and reveals our design-geek tendencies – not many people actually know that Charles and Ray were married, after all – but with such recognizable forms just waiting to be made into silhouettes, the project was irresistible.

The stock for these prototypes is the same white bristol board used in our pops cards, and it bleeds a bit more than I’d like for calligraphy. I’m in search of a replacement that will still be as easy to cut, but can withstand a copperplate nib. (Suggestions?)

Just to be sure all bases were covered, we inverted the template and made two versions of the card – one Charles to my Ray and one Ray to my Charles.

This was a fun project, and one which we’re definitely planning to develop a bit further. With a few adjustments to word spacing and stock types, we’ll be ready to add this to our punny card repertoire.

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