Keeping Tabs

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  Relevant to the recent influx of Hubway bike share riders, CASA researcher Oliver O’Brien has a handy map to help keep tabs on what Hubway stations have available bikes, where you’ll find open spaces to drop your bike off … Continued

Pedalling a Plea

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Our weekend involved a lot of biking, a lot of visiting friends and a lot of web work. We headed to Rockport, MA by bike on Saturday, as one last training ride ahead of our 65-mile endeavor to support Bikes … Continued

A Note on Bicycle Hate

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But you see, therein lies the rub – I am that cyclist. I am the cyclist who will unapologetically take the lane when it is safer for me to do so. I am the cyclist that will not “get on … Continued

Filling the Gaps

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I feel like I must have first seen the work of Pete Dungey before I had started biking Boston’s notorious roads; I make this conjecture specifically because I don’t recall relating his Pothole Gardens to my own existence, but just considering it … Continued

In Need of New Wheels

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My poor old Fuji mixte is far beyond its prime, and has gotten to be downright rickety and a bit terrifying to ride. Given that the Fuji is in fact my former back-up bike, which I’ve been riding since demolishing the Puch Jack once built … Continued

Sharing the Bike Love

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May is National Bike Month, and it’s Bike Week in Massachusetts – and UJC is for bicycle lovers. Sadly, we didn’t get any bicycle-themed projects done for the month (my bike itself is a project-and-a-half at the moment, a real Frankenbike) … Continued