In Need of New Wheels

My poor old Fuji mixte is far beyond its prime, and has gotten to be downright rickety and a bit terrifying to ride. Given that the Fuji is in fact my former back-up bike, which I’ve been riding since demolishing the Puch Jack once built me, I’ve been spending some time scoping out affordable options for replacement.

It was in this search that I stumbled across Republic Bike, a company specializing in inexpensive, customizable builds featuring either their Plato (Dutch-style) or Aristotle (fixed/single-speed track) frames.

Though I’m personally more likely to spend a bit less and have Jack do the assembly honors, Republic Bike certainly offers a level of customization otherwise only available to those who a) can afford full builds at boutique bike shops, or b) have the time and skills to build their own. I think the success of this company is a definite sign of the rising popularity of a more casual approach to biking, their concept is (from what I’ve seen) a unique one and their interface is quite fun to use. Hooray for bikes!

I will admit that, though I prefer my fixed gear for my daily downtown commute, I do have a bit of a crush on Republic’s Plato bikes. Someday, I will own a ladylike bicycle.

image credits: Republic Bike

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