Sharing the Bike Love

Bike Month Collage
Poster Cabaret's bicycle themed posters in honor of National Bike Month

May is National Bike Month, and it’s Bike Week in Massachusetts – and UJC is for bicycle lovers. Sadly, we didn’t get any bicycle-themed projects done for the month (my bike itself is a project-and-a-half at the moment, a real Frankenbike) but, fortunately for everyone, Poster Cabaret is featuring a collection of bicycle prints at reasonable prices. Check them out, furnish your walls!

And, many thanks to lovely blog SFGirlByBay, from whence I got the Poster Cabaret tip – you really should go check her out, too.

Have you ridden your bike to work this week? If you’re in Boston, any plans to attend the Bike Week events or bike bash next week?

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