Home Makeover: UJCreative Edition

goodbye, renters' beige

UJC was a bit quiet yesterday, it’s true – but rest assured, we were quite occupied, hearts set on (finally) giving our digs a much needed makeover.

When we moved in back in September, we were so focused on thrifting and building awesome furniture, sewing curtains and pillows and generally getting set up, that painting took a back seat. The time has come – but the job certainly would have been easier if we’d done it before we had the 92″ sofa in the living room. C’est la vie…

We’re thinking that, when all is said and done, we’ll be wondering why on earth we waited so long to update our space. Have you ever felt that way about a project you let lapse? What finally motivated you to take the plunge?

what, doesn't everyone paint with prosecco?

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