Art for a Grey Day: Tang Kwok-hin

This morning was a dreary one, warmer than recent days but with a fine mist that mixed with more mature raindrops as I rode to work.

tang kwok-hin // union jack creativeI’ve had this series of collages from Tang Kwok-hin bookmarked since it caught my eye on the last grey day we had in Boston, and I still find them mesmerizing. The collages in the Compound Eyes series utilize transparent adhesive and black-and-white printing to create pieces with features that fade mysteriously into the layers.

tang kwok-hin // union jack creativetang kwok-hin // compound eyesYou can find more work from Tang Kowk-hin online, including additional collages from this ongoing series.

tang kwok-hin // compound eyesimage credits: Tang Kowk-hin

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