Gus Petro: Empty, Dense and Merge

For anyone who loves a city – no matter which city – there’s something about a skyline. The Skyline.

Monday night as I biked home from a Hollaback! event in Cambridge, I caught the Mass Ave bridge in a moment of relative calm – minimal traffic, still air – and as I took in Boston’s skyline, thought, “Man, I love living here.”

I catch moments like these periodically, when we run past the iconic Citgo sign, or round the bend on the Pike and see the Pru, but as city-dwellers (in any city) it’s easy to keep our heads down and forget the scale of it all.

gus petro // union jack creative

Until we see it.

gus petro // union jack creative

Gus Petro’s Empty, Dense and Merge is a three-part photo series highlighting that scale, both in the emptiness of the Grand Canyon and Death Valley, and in the density of New York City. Most mesmerizing, though, is Petro’s combination of the two in the third part, Merge.

gus petro // union jack creative

gus petro // union jack creative

See more of this part, and the rest of the series, at Petro’s portfolio, where you can also read more about the project. Enjoy!

image credits: Gus Petro

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