Flower Power

If the pollen lodged in my eyes during this morning’s commute is any indication, spring bloom is still in full force in Boston despite the sudden summery temps. (Such is New England.)

hatsuki miyahara // union jack creative

Hatsuki Miyahara’s colorful compositions caught my eye this weekend, reminding me of the incredible array of blossoms visible in our neighborhood this time of year as well as of the fundamental color wheel.

hatsuki miyahara // union jack creative

Miyahara works in greyscale as well, but the vibrant blooms in the flowers series spoke to me most of all.

hatsuki miyahara // union jack creative

Find more from Hatsuki Miyahara at the artist’s blog and portfolio, as well as at her translated digmeout profile.

image credits: Hatsuki Miyahara

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