Lovely Larvae

Once upon a time, Jack was in an interview for a co-op position, and his foot fell asleep. When he stood to shake hands at the end of the meeting, he fell straight onto the interviewer’s desk. Oh, how they laughed!

This morning, I did the same thing.

In a meeting.

With coffee.

It’s been that kind of day.

lovely larvae // union jack creative

But! Today Jack also introduced me to the work of Hubert Duprat, and this has made it all a little bit better.

Duprat is a sculptor, and has worked in all sorts of media, but he is best known for his ongoing works with caddis fly larvae. Yes – live larvae.

lovely larvae // union jack creative

The aquatic larvae are known to incorporate pieces of their environment into their protective shells using silk threads as a binding agent. In 1982 Duprat wondered what would happen if one were to carefully remove the larvae’s shells, and deposit them into an environment filled with luxurious alternatives.

lovely larvae // union jack creative

The results are fairly astonishing. (I’m particularly fond of the use of pearls.)

lovely larvae // union jack creative

You can read more about Duprat’s work with caddis fly larvae at Cabinet Magazine, find a more detailed discussion of the science behind it all at Leonardo Online, and catch a video interview at Open Culture. Science!

image credits: 1,2,3-via Cabinet Magazine; 4-via Open Culture

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