Cycle Style 2.0

When Nathaniel Fink caught Jack on the Southwest Corridor a few weeks ago, it came up in conversation that I bike as well. Nathaniel and I have been trying to find a warm, sunny day to meet up ever since, to counter his streak of wintry bike photos at Cycle Style Boston.

cycle style 2.0 // union jack creative

It was warmer, but not sunny on Tuesday morning when I finally caught up with Nathaniel on Fort Hill for a quick pre-work photo shoot. And, that shipping tube? A Boston via Hopkinton poster, off to a customer – don’t forget to enter our giveaway for one of your own!

Nathaniel had a few follow-up questions after we met, and as it turns out, I have no problem rambling about biking in Boston. (Who knew?) Head to Cycle Style Boston for the full scoop.

Thanks again, Nathaniel! It was a pleasure.

image credit: Nathaniel Fink, via Cycle Style Boston

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