Sticky Situation

When my cousin posted this video of tape artist Sarah DiNardo on facebook, she mentioned that she initially thought the works must be tiny carvings – and based on the preview image, I had to agree.

But DiNardo works in masking tape, meticulously rolling the tape onto itself to form a mesmerizing array of shapes and profiles when combined in found boxes. She also happens to be particularly gifted at explaining her motivation, and her works translate beautifully to video in the hands of Gnarly Bay.

sticky situation // union jack creative

I’ll confess that I half expected to see nothing but rolls of tape on DiNardo’s own site – but I found I rather enjoyed her illustration style as well.

sticky situation // union jack creative

For more from Sarah DiNardo, head to her portfolio.

video credit: Gnarly Bay Productions, Inc.

image credits: Sarah DiNardo

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