Common Ground

February is not my favorite month. Despite its brevity, it seems to me to hold the worst of winter – I’m over the joy of snow, there’s really no hope just yet for spring, and above all I’m really sick of riding in slop. I miss street cleaning. January is a month of winter fun, always seeming to have a slight thaw, and a time of recovery after the holidays; March holds St. Patrick’s Day, which since my first year in Boston has marked the light at the end of the tunnel.

neda vent fischer

But, February is on her way out, with three straight days of dreary, sloppy weather. Yesterday, Janee shared the photographs of Neda Vent Fischer – dark, ethereal things that seemed to melt straight out of the unrelenting rain we had in Boston. Fischer’s work is beautiful, arresting, and reminded me of one illustration in particular from Renee French.

renee french

In the spirit of letting go of February, and moving into soon-to-be-close-to-spring, I’ll be embracing the grey weather and these beautiful works today. For more, please visit Fischer’s site, and French’s portfolio.

image credits: 1-Neda Vent Fischer, via Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard; 2-Renee French, via Hi-Fructose

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