Friday Fancies

We’ve been thoroughly focused on type for the past few weeks in our work, and that has meant discovering some pretty incredible typographic art in the process. This week, a few font-themed favorites make the Friday Fancies cut.

Felt & Wire offers up some pretty fantastic paper goods, but this periodic table of elements (from Camdon Wilde through Scribble on Everything) especially struck our fancy with its combination of scientific and typographic geekery. Buy one for yourself, or take a look at other curated paper in their shop. (image credit: Felt & Wire)

Bianca Chang puts type in motion – in paper. Cut by hand, layered in hundreds of sheets, Bianca’s static typographic sculptures lend a sense of movement and depth that is mesmerizing. Letters are not her only specialty – be sure to check out more of Bianca’s work, and watch this making-of video as well. (image and video credits: Bianca Chang)

Hong Seon Jang is also a sculptor of type – in Type City, thousands of discarded pieces of metal type are arranged to form a fictional cityscape. The effect seems dark and eerily accurate; I’m a fan. Be sure to look through other scultural feats in the artist’s portfolio. (image credit: Hong Seon Jang)

Happy Friday!

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