Required Reading: Bicycle Diaries

It’s still (barely) National Bike Month, and we’re still feeling festive – it seems as if there has been more good news about biking this month than we’ve seen in a while (which is, perhaps, the point), and we’re all for it.


Before we bid farewell to this month of bicycle bliss, be sure to catch up on news in the world of two wheels:

  • The Atlantic predicts that the bicycle might just transform our future and our landscape – even that of car-centric America. “What would a bike highway look like? What would city life be like without cars?” (We think we’re in favor.)
  • BostInno reveals what Boston’s cyclists already know – the bike is the fastest way to get around the Bean, and the Rush Hour Race proved it again.
  • Boston Magazine highlights the area’s newest biking (and hiking) trails, and brings up our city’s improved ratings for bike friendliness. 


Viva la bike!

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