Friday Fancies

Happy Friday! Jack will spend most of our weekend making headway on a final paper, and I’ve got wedding invitations and website proposals to tuck into. But first! A few things that caught our eye this week.

We caught wind of Boston-based OoOTie (rhymes with bow tie) through 9tailors – and oh, what fun. OoOTie offers up a selection of limited-run bow ties, some of which are the work of local designers, and includes shipping and tax in the cost of the tie. There’s a tie-of-the-month club (Triple-O), an app to assist in “trying on” OoOTies, tips on how (and how not) to wear each tie, and a portion of the proceeds goes to support charities chosen by the designer. (image credit: OoOTie)

Also in the realm of new-to-us products, STACKED Wines has thrown their hat into the ring of wines that travel well. Though we can split a bottle of red with dinner without batting an eye, full bottles of wine and solo cups are not the most ideal travel companions, and I found the STACKED concept – 750ml of wine split between four bulbous, sealed and self-contained glasses – intriguing. What do you think? Is wine in its own glass wonderful or wasteful? (image credit: STACKED Wines)


Also this week, New York Magazine released an itinerary that is basically our dream life, as part of a series on How to Make It in the Art World. The New Art World Rulebook, as cheekily espoused by NYMag, includes 18 rules thus far, each accompanied with an article exploring the trends, people, places and status of art right now. Rules aside, they’re fun reads for anyone interested in contemporary art. Now, to keep dreaming about that itinerary – Rule #16. (image credit: New York Magazine)

What struck your fancy this week?

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