Friday Fancies

It may be dreary out in Boston, but there’s no mistaking the thrill of a rapidly approaching weekend. We’re awash in to-do lists, and today’s weather is just the right sort for settling in to cross some things off. 

First, a few things striking our fancy this week.

Photography is not our primary focus, nor is videography, but the CineSkates camera sliders make us want to give moving pictures a try.

Based on the premise that limitations in low-budget video increasingly lie with camera stability rather than resolution, Justin Jensen created CineSkates – skateboard wheel mounts for the flexible GorillaPod Focus tripod that allow a camera to glide smoothly with the flick of a finger. Read more about the project at Co.Design, and take a peek at CineSkates in action below. (image credit: Cinetics, Co.Design)


We more often travel on two wheels than three, and this oldie-but-goodie from The System caught our attention this week. We’ve got some opinions on how not to bike like a jerk, but what to do when someone runs you off the road? We might keep some of these responses in mind. (image credit: The System)

We’ve got a handful of projects underway at once right now, and it’s not always easy to find inspiration at the end of the (day job) workday. Lately, we’ve been turning to Pinterest to get the proverbial wheels turning, which is how I stumbled upon the lovely Somewhere Splendid. Husband and wife team (we’re a sucker for those) Devon and Maddy Hague have created a delightful online space filled with beautiful ideas for entertaining, renovating, decorating and doing it all yourself. We’re only sad we hadn’t found them sooner. Bookmark this blog, it won’t fail to impress! (image credit: Somewhere Splendid)

Rain, rain, go away…have a lovely weekend!

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