Postcard Save the Dates are a popular request – less cost for postage, less cost for envelopes and overall simplicity make postcards appealing and approachable.

Though we are more than happy to price out postcard options for clients, and often do, the question always arises: what does Union Jack Creative recommend?

We tend toward anti-postcard, and this is why:

This flyer from ArtsEmerson is colorful, striking and not inexpensively printed – but this is how it arrived in our mailbox. It’s practically torn in two!

For something like a Save the Date, which you ostensibly want people to hold onto until the formal invitation arrives, this sort of manhandling is unfortunate and counterproductive. Even if the piece does make it to your guest list intact, the extra cost of printing two-sided on glossy stock that won’t crease and tear in the mail all but eliminates any savings in most cases.

Doable? Yes, absolutely. Ideal? In our opinion, not quite.

What do you think? Have you had good luck with postcard-style Save the Dates? Is our mail carrier just particularly angry at the arts?

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