Ride ‘Em

There’s a slight chance that my recent considerations of dressing my bike up as a horse and going as a cowboy for the Halloween Ride led to Javier Piñón catching my eye.

It’s also possible that it was the result of Jack and me each spending a bit more time than usual browsing home design blogs as of late. (We have a soft spot for chandeliers.)

Either way, these collages are making my day.

Piñón’s portfolio is filled with pieces exploring collisions of the natural world with legends – Medusa, minotaurs, sirens, Don Quixote themes and cowboys abound – but my favorite was the chandelier series.

For more housewares hilarity, be sure to catch Piñón’s series on chairs as well, and take a peek through the rest of his portfolio while you’re there!

image credits: Javier Piñón | hat tip: mina

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