De-light-ful Design

We spent some time this weekend brainstorming designs for holiday cards, in an attempt to ensure we don’t repeat the completely overwhelming procrastination mistake of last year’s New Year’s invites.

I’m looking forward to seeing how our designs unfold, but after catching a glimpse of these holiday cards by Tomomi Sayuda and kin Design, I’m fairly certain that ours will pale in comparison. We’ve only got a few short weeks to get these out, after all!

The 12 Folds holiday card includes 12 origami pieces, pre-folded out of tracing paper, and an LED light. The card itself is hand-stamped with shapes matching those of the origami pieces, and includes a link to instructions for assembling the 12 pieces into a functional paper lantern.

kin Design encouraged recipients to submit pictures of their assembled lanterns, and for each image received made a donation to The Naked Heart Foundation. Loveliness all around, don’t you agree?

To check out more images of assembled lanterns, check out the kin Design site; more work from Tomomi Sayuda can be found here.

(image credits: Tomomi Sayuda)

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