Friday Fancies

Happy Friday! The clouds over Boston have lifted, and we’re looking forward to a slightly brighter weekend than the past few days.

The recent stormy weather has left the roads littered with the last of the fall foliage, and we’re missing the colors already. It was no surprise, then, that the blazing orange and purplish-navy of Simone Lourenco’s Navy Wonder caught my eye. We’ve shared quite a few impressive papercut works in the past, but Lourenco’s intricately layered, boisterous pieces are a whole different animal. Check out more of her very impressive work at her portfolio. (image credit: Simone Lourenco)

Watches from WeWOOD caught our attention this week – in a striking array of styles and natural colors, WeWOOD claims that its Italian timepieces are entirely devoid of artificial and toxic materials. Contents aside, they certainly are a thing of beauty, and I can’t argue the appeal of a raw-wood version of a piece meant for daily wear. (To be sure, of course, we’re a bit partial to nice wood around here.) Moreover, WeWOOD plants one tree for each timepiece purchased, in attempt to make theirs a sustainable masterpiece as well. Check out more of the WeWOOD line and philosophy in their catalog. (image credit: WeWOOD)

Also a delight this week, a giant origami paper boat was set afloat by artist Frank Bölter in London. Made using enormous sheets of paper and traditional origami techniques as part of the Drift 10 art exhibition, the images of passers by and this particular captain made us smile. For more images, stop by the feature on WhatTheCool. (image credit: Frank Bölter, via WhatTheCool)

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