Falling for Fall

I’ve not been terribly discrete about my disliking winter, nor about my tendency for feeling glum during autumn simply because it means winter is coming. As leaves start to turn in Boston, and with a few nights of crisp air (and tights! boots! jackets!) behind us, I’m finding myself a bit more enamored, and feeling less apprehensive than I have in years past. (Truth be told, if our schedule keeps up at September’s pace, spring will be here in no time at all.)

Also helping to ease me into the season, I’ve been noticing leaf art cropping up everywhere I look; take a look at a few of our favorites, and be sure to click through to see more work from these designers and artists.

London-based designer/illustrator Owen Gildersleeve combines two- and three-dimensional techniques in his works. In designing the iPhone/iPad wallpaper above for a client, Owen hand-cut leaves from assorted colored paper, and arranged them into this rather delightful compilation. (image credit: Owen Gildersleeve)

Jenny Lee Fowler crafts silhouettes the traditional way – freeform, with scissors. Cropping up in her portfolio and Etsy shop, though, are custom silhouettes cut in the traditional way, from a very non-traditional material. Custom work can be requested on Etsy, and a full portfolio is available here. (image credit: Jenny Lee Fowler)

Straying even further from the tradition, the craft of leaf carving produces a delicate finished product in which the original veins and shape of the leaf remain intact. The example above can be found at Longal Craft, but a quick Google search will lead you to many artists producing similar works. (image credit: Longal Craft)

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  1. Kate says:

    Amy, I haven’t found out anything further (yet), but I do know that the red line runs the entire length of my daily SW corridor commute, and drives me a bit crazy – it was so nice and freshly repaved!

    I’ll have to see what else I can find out…

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