Friday Fancies

Happy Friday, and happy Fall! We’re big fans of autumn around here – apple pie is Jack’s favorite, and one of only two desserts he can be convinced to eat. (This baffles me, of course, but my sweet tooth is big enough for both of us.) The biggest issue I have with fall, really, is that it immediately precedes winter, and I am never, ever ready for winter. Alas, so it goes.

Fall for us also means much more entertaining at home, and more frequent diversions from our standard summer dinner of salad. This weekend, on what is looking to be a dreary Sunday, we’re testing out some red sauce recipes with friends, so I’ve got cooking on the brain. It was in this mindset that I stumbled across the Etsy wares of Avril Loreti – and I am smitten.

The iconic image on the I Heart Mixers tote is available in all sorts of colors, so you can match the bag to your dream machine. Other offerings include a slew of witty, useful kitchen and entertaining tools – I’ll confess that the Designer Chair cocktail napkin sets caught my eye, as did the Scrabble Board coasters and the mustachioed dinner napkins. Take a look at more of Avril Loreti’s work in her Etsy shop. (image credit: Avril Loreti)

We’ve been on the hunt for a better bike storage system, and this Bike Shelf by Knife & Saw is by far the most graceful solution I’ve ever seen. Chris Brigham was inspired by the storage difficulties facing his cyclist friends in small living spaces. The shelf (available in solid walnut or ash) supports both a bike as well as anything else atop it – books, bike gear, tchotchkes or flowers. Knife & Saw is a relatively new venture for Chris, but is rapidly building a portfolio of beautiful, creative and functional woodwork that is very impressive, and I can’t wait to follow its growth. Check out more (like the fabulous scrap wood coffee table) on the Knife & Saw blog. (image credit: Knife & Saw)

Also on the topic of bikes, this print (shared on Tumblr) was responsible for my discovery of graphic artist Tatsuro Kiuchi. Ranging from strictly scenic to tongue-in-cheek, Kiuchi’s works share a dreamy vintage quality and brilliant colors. Take a moment to peruse his portfolio, or keep up to date on his newest work through his blog. (image credit: Tatsuro Kiuchi)

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