Friday Fancies

Happy Friday! If the evenings stay cool this weekend, the down comforter may need to make its annual debut, and my wardrobe may require some new tights. Luckily for Jack, his wardrobe needn’t oscillate much between seasons; to his chagrin, the linen jacket may need to go into hibernation though. (Sorry, honey.)

I first came across Macha Jewelry on the blog of the lovely Jessica Sutton, and these raw two-finger rings caught my attention and held it. (I think I might feel a bit better prepared to tackle autumn and winter with one of these on my hand, wouldn’t you?) The entirety of Macha’s Etsy shop is worth a long look, and the innovative use of familiar materials refreshing. (image credit: Macha Jewelry)

It could be that Dan Beckemeyer’s Ampersand Food Groups illustrations caught my eye this morning because I was hungry, but the humor of the work combined with my ongoing battle with ampersands left me smiling. Check out Beckemeyer’s entire graphic design and illustration portfolio, or just browse the rest of the food group collection for a giggle. (image credit: Dan Beckemeyer)

As the world moves into fashion week season, New York is gearing up for its annual Fashion’s Night Out event this evening. Boston is participating as well, albeit much more conservatively (imagine that). While we’re hoping that one day soon the fashion industry in The BOS picks up big time, we’re planning to enjoy what offerings we do have locally. Check the FNO Elsewhere listing for events in Boston, or catch us at the Stuff-sponsored Saks shindig. (image credit: Fashion’s Night Out)

One thought on “Friday Fancies

  1. Beki says:

    You know, I think the ampersand art is whimsical, fun…but the two finger rings do not look comfortable. Just like snow boarding and making both feet do the same thing, I don’t think two of my fingers would like to be attached and forced to find their way together.

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