Considering Levity

A few weeks ago, Jack came home talking about an article he had read about helium – specifically its uses, sources and impending shortage. Our discussion about this piece left me pondering what the world might be like without balloons that float themselves skyward. Will children everywhere wander about dragging limp balloons behind them, with no fear of them floating off to the heavens?

It was in this mindset that I began taking note of artists toying with the concept of levity, and in some cases, specifically playing on the assumptions we make about helium and balloons. As it turns out, there are quite a few examples of this subject matter.

Included herein are some favorites from the past few weeks. To view more work from each artist, click on the image; image credits follow at the end of the post.

(image credits: 1-Werner Reiterer; 2-Zeitguised; 3-Valentin Ruhry; 4-Li Wei; 5-Alex Andreyev)

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