Friday Fancies

It took me nearly the entirety of the day to a) realize that it’s Friday the 13th, and b) choose only three things we’re fancying.

Jack and I have been fans of the work of local artist Dorothea van Camp since we first happened across her amazingly intricate screenprints during a Fort Point Open Studios event years ago. Her arabesque series is by far my favorite, and someday we’ll purchase one. Images truly don’t do these pieces justice – you really should attempt to see a showing of her work in person to fully appreciate the details – but her portfolio is a joy to look through, nonetheless. (image credit: Dorothea van Camp)

I recently discovered graphic designer Bri Emery’s blog DesignLoveFest, and I can’t get enough. She updates frequently throughout the day with some fabulous finds, and it is quite possible that I’ve commented enough in the past week to come across as quite the blog-creep. C’est la vie…

Bri, honest, I really just can’t get enough of your work! (image credit: Bri Emery)

Excuse the lame iPhone photo, but – have you checked out the Clover food truck yet? If you work in downtown Boston, you may already be away that the formerly-Cambridge-only truck has opened a second daily outpost in Dewey Square, conveniently directly across the street from my office.

The lines get long, but move quickly, and the food is unbelievably good, as are their beverage offerings. (Tarragon lemonade? Yes, please.) You can follow the Clover food revolution on their blog, or keep tabs on MIT and Dewey Square trucks on Twitter. Keep your eye out for their late-afternoon specials – 3 corn fritters for $3 at 3:00pm is certainly a good deal. (image credit: Union Jack Creative

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