Light as a Feather

We recently had the pleasure of working with local jewelry designer Anne Keane to design placecards for an upcoming wedding shower. Anne’s earrings were to be used as favors, and she wanted to incorporate both the colors and the feather theme from the shower invite into the card design.

After sketching out a few potential designs, we decided to play off of the initial Vistaprint feather with a watercolor rendition. Since Anne wanted to keep costs on the low side, hand-painting each card was not an option; to ensure that the watercolor effect came through on the scanned image, I chose to paint on a heavily textured canvas paper and to use plenty of water.

While I was in the watercoloring mood, I played around with a few additional designs in a similar color scheme. Jack ended up using one as a background to feature Anne’s Etsy shop address on the interior of the card, though this was omitted in the final version.

Though my hand was itching to letter these cards, the mother of the bride had requested to do the honors. Anne will be adding earrings to the cards as well, poking the posts through the front of each card to serve as small favors.

This project was a delight, offering us plenty of free reign in the design and giving me a chance to break out my watercolors. Anne has promised to send images of the assembled cards our way after the event this weekend, and we can’t wait to see them put to use!

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