Friday Fancies

We are completely thrilled about this weekend, plans for which include out-of-state adventures, tacos at El Pelon and hopefully attempting grilled pizza. First, some things we’ve enjoyed this week, and hope that you might fancy as well.

The creative folks behind Lace Fence have transformed the ubiquitous chain-link fence into a stylish architectural element. With projects ranging from railings in the Hugo Boss flagship store (above) to outdoor installations and room dividers, these works of art are tested against the same durability standards as their ho-hum counterparts, and custom patterns and logo integration are available. Check out past Lace Fence projects here – and prepare to wish you could swap some of these into your neighborhood. (image credits: Lace Fence)

Some time ago, the work of Dan McCarthycrossed my path – but only recently did I realize that some of his paintings and prints include glow-in-the-dark details. McCarthy’s work features themes of skeletons, dinosaurs, spooky forests and a palette of of equally haunting colors; pieces like this triceratops print (left, in normal light; right, glowing) hide alternative scenes in their glowing details. Look through more of McCarthy’s portfolio here, and keep a close eye on the materials lists for clues. (image credits: Dan McCarthy)

As the recipient of my fair share of design magazines and catalogs (much to Jack’s chagrin), I find the catalog clippings and fictional captions featured on Catalog Living particularly amusing. Having constructed an alternate universe in which Gary and Elaine live mostly peacefully among the scenes set in catalogs and advertisements, Catalog Living helps us imagine what life might be like if we all kept such arrangements in our homes. Take a peek through the blog for more, and be careful not to laugh too loudly in public. (image credits: Catalog Living)

Have a lovely weekend, and let us know if you’ve had anything new strike your fancy this week!

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