6 thoughts on “We Are The Wind

  1. Kate says:

    Grammar added by Kate – and shortly to be removed per request of Jack since, to be fair, there could be other ways of reading it. I liked mine.

  2. Erik says:

    I just saw that too when I was out on a bike ride. Not sure how long it’s been there. Anyone know what that line is from? Or maybe it’s original…

  3. A Girl says:

    I first saw it in september.
    Probably after school began.
    Hope that helps. I think its very nice.
    (*cough* even though my dad didn’t stop the car for me to look at it *un-cough*)

  4. JP Guy says:

    Just a note to say I saw this the other day, it caught my attention and I took a picture too. Amazing that it’s still there. FYI, googling took me here. Thought it might have been a lyric, guess it’s original.

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