In Pursuit of Passions

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Though I’ve shared this Fast Company article previously in our notebook preview, I found this quote to be particularly inspiring – worth lettering, and a second mention. Are there any quotes you’re finding particularly relevant to your life right now? … Continued

For The Record

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It’s advice that comes up again and again, and which most recently came to my attention as I read a Fast Company piece about Pentagram designer Michael Bierut and his tips for productive creatives: 1. Keep a notebook. Bierut started this … Continued

Like a Ballet Dancer

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I keep this post-it on my computer, to remind me not to slouch into a ball in my chair. Ergonomics only help so much when you sit cross-legged at your desk… Happy Monday!

On Ampersands

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Ampersands and I really do not get along. I find them to be the most challenging figure to form, and I spend whole sheets of paper practicing various ampersand styles, testing out my own, trying to perfect the form – … Continued

Channeling Galliano

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Often, when we go to gallery openings or art events, people ask us if we’re Artists. We usually back into the title of “art lovers” – because that big A can be so intimidating, and we don’t want to be … Continued