How gorgeous is this photo from North Essex-based letterpress shop Typoretum?

typoretum // union jack creative

But really, everything they do is lovely. After Jack sent me the gilded shot above, I perused their flickr stream and found ombre posters, wood block illustrations, Day of the Dead plates constructed from bits of type, and eventually, on the Typoretum blog, a mesmerizing video about the shop.

 typoretum // union jack creative

typoretum // union jack creative

typoretum // union jack creative

I can’t get enough of these guys. We have a weakness of making-of videos, and for watching presses in motion – we stop by Jack’s dad’s shop every chance we get – so that, in part, might explain my partiality.

streamline press // union jack creative

For more from Typoretum, find them on twitter and pinterest, and be sure to check out their flickr stream.

image credits: 1,2,3,4-Typoretum; 5-Union Jack Creative

video credit: Yellow Brick Media, via Typoretum

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