Flashback: Jeff Soto

Of the many ludicrous apps I have on my phone, one that I have mixed feelings about is Timehop. What started out as a daily email showing your posts on various social media one year ago, is a now an app complete with social element, sharing capabilities and seven years of online history. I don’t check Timehop regularly now that it’s not in my email inbox, but from time to time I do find it fascinating to revisit what I posted years ago.

This morning, Timehop kindly pointed out that four years ago today, I shared a timelapse video on twitter of Jeff Soto painting. I revisited the video because I didn’t remember it, and found a more recent upload from Jeff about the process behind his gig poster for The Black Keys. Like so projects and artists that catch my eye, Jeff uses both digital and manual techniques to create a stunning file for print, and I really enjoyed watching his process.

For more of Jeff’s work, be sure to check out his portfolio. Enjoy!

video credit: Jeff Soto

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